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Located in beautiful Moab, Utah


 *Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

*Therapeutic Thai Massage *Prenatal Massage 

*Cupping Therapy *Hot Stones 

*Abdominal Chi Massage

*Yoga *Mini Retreats

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      I do not believe that healing and bodywork should be a "one size fits all" approach. Every person has their own unique thing going on, and therefore, I feel that an integrative approach to each individual is important. I enter a session with an open mind and heart, and by doing so, I get a sense for what can be applied to each person in order to enhance the healing potential.

     Through my work, I believe my purpose is to help facilitate space for others to heal through movement, therapeutic touch and cultivating mindfulness. Through continuous studying and practice, I feel that I have developed a keen sense of observation, intuition and body awareness that is effective in my approach to working with others.

     Whatever type of session you choose to receive, I like to sprinkle in other types of therapeutic techniques to help support a holistic approach to mind-body wellness. I believe this creates a really well-rounded journey for each person. 

      I completed Massage Therapy school in the Fall of 2016, and started training in Thai Massage shortly afterwards. Massage therapy is a path that I have been wanting to dive into for many years, and am so happy to be able to focus on it as a career.

     I discovered yoga in 2006, and became certified to teach yoga in 2008 through Sunstone Yoga in Texas. Since then, I have taken many different workshops and trainings and really enjoy studying numerous styles of yoga. I love sharing the benefits that yoga has to offer to all-levels of students through private sessions, as well as teaching public classes in the Moab community.

      No matter if it's a one time massage you're treating yourself to, or wanting to enjoy a class session with friends, or hoping to focus on healing a chronic condition through several sessions, I would be delighted to work with you!


-Meagan Coy


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Yoga Mat
Thai Massage

My complete Thai Massage incorporates traditional application of acupressure work along ten major physical lines of the body, joint mobilization, rhythmic rocking and yoga-like stretching. I use this combination to create an invigorating and balancing experience. It's great for stress relief and releasing tension in the whole body to help the client feel completely relaxed. It is beneficial to those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from over-exertion in work, sports, or from having a debilitating disease.

 By encouraging lymphatic function, this traditional massage can also help detoxify the body, heighten the immune system, and prevent disease and/or injury by promoting flexibility. It's unique style and graceful movements bring well being to both the practitioner and the client. Thai massage is different in that it is done on a comfortable mat on the floor and the client is wearing comfortable clothing throughout the entire session.

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     This is a type of massage that is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and focuses on working with the internal organs and abdominal area. It is known to help cleanse and balance the energy of the organs, while helping to remove emotional/physical blockages and increase circulation.

      The abdominal area is exposed and a variety of gentle and firm techniques are applied that focus on the entire area in general and on each individual organ. This is a very soothing and powerful treatment, as this is an area that we hold a lot of tension, but doesn't tend to get focused on during a regular massage. I offer this treatment in combination with table massage.

Abdominal Chi Massage/Chi Nei Tsang
Therapeutic Table Massage

For each integrative therapeutic massage, my approach here is to listen to your needs and adapt each session to maximize the desired outcome. It can be a nice relaxing session to help relieve tension, or one with more pressure involved for some deeper release work. It really tends to be a combination of the two in order to create an experience that brings relaxation to the body and mind and helps release tension to a focused group of muscles. I tend to use a variety of techniques that I find very beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.



Prenatal Massage 

I also offer prenatal massage for expecting mothers. I use the Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion, which allows women of all stages of pregnancy to be comfortably supported while getting to lay facedown. This cushion also offers a nice inclined support to be on your back as well. A nice treat for those in the later stages of their pregnancy! This creates optimal access and ability to really help bring relaxation, relief and circulation to sore muscles and tightness caused by the changes happening to the body during your special time.

Black Spa Stones
Therapeutic Massage Add-ons

Hot Stones- heated smooth river rocks are a great add-on to any table massage treatment. The hot stones melt away tension and the heat penetrates sore muscles to help them relax, allowing the body and mind to release stress.

Cupping Therapy- cupping therapy is an ancient healing technique that uses suction with silicone or plastic cups. When applied to a "problem" area, such as shoulders/back/hips, the cups help to increase circulation, elasticity, and lymph drainage and can bring great relief to muscle tension. It is a great therapy to add to any table massage.

Theragun- Percussive therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation intended to reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion. It is a deep muscle treatment that causes a neuromuscular response. It is great for sports recovery, decreasing lactic acid, increasing circulation and lymphatic flow while improving body awareness. There are different settings and ways to apply it in a session to meet each clients goals.




Office located above the Red Rock Bakery at:

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